How We Work


We design stylish yet a comfortable range for our customers, as it’s said by COCO CHANEL –“Luxury must be comfortable, otherwise it is not luxury.” With the help of our innovative market and product research techniques, we ensure that the range of our products conceived by our team of expert designers are not only unique but also result in impeccable appearance. They constantly work on upcoming fashion and color trends & interpret them for our buyers.



Our efficient team of merchandisers have sought to bring client satisfaction and cater to their needs by bringing solutions to problems and delivering with a flourish. Our team has been able to construct garments of high technical intricacies and designs, be it for women or kids’ apparel. Right from the first sample to final shipping of products our professional merchandisers take care to inspect and approve at every stage till the final outcome of the garment being packed.


We have 100% in-house facilities ranging from cutting, stitching, printing, dyeing, embroidery, washing, finishing, labeling and packing. We have a team of qualified designers and experienced workers who are working with us since a long time and give their heart and soul to meet with the challenges of producing flawless garments which are a delight to behold. All the machinery and equipment is of high standard which helps us in achieving the desired quality.


Embroidery, Printing and Dyeing  

All printing and dyeing is done keeping in mind that it is nature friendly and it does not damage the green environment. The finest quality colors are used and any internationally banned dye is taboo for us. Our in-house computerized embroidery machines eliminates the need of outsourcing. Thus ensuring that our production is on time along with the added advantage of the fabric not falling into too many hands. For hand embroidered styles, we have a team of very experienced craftsmen who have magic in their hands and give astonishing results to any design they they lay their hands on.


Any garment needs a nice wash to look good and also feel good to the touch. We are one of the few who have the expertise to deal with all kind of washes, dry cleaning and dye programs for different fabrics to create a unique and effective result.



The whole process of making a garment has various stages. Inspection at every point is important to ensure that the whole process does not get stuck at a later situation. Strict inspection is continuously conducted by maintaining proper charts and records.